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Sep 07, 2022
After that, attendees were divided into six groups. Each group could attend one of six different sessions which covered different topics on the CDI vehicle, like hardware, software, sales, etc. Jan ten Hove, architect with T-Hive, was asked to host one of these sessions together with Anders Hulthén from TMHE. Their session featured T-One and the Vehicle Bridge. Anders showcased how the demo from the start of the event was created using T-One workflows. Jan introduced the different groups to T-Hive, mainly on the Digital Twin and the Commissioning Support Toolkit, and of course explained why the Vehicle Bridge is needed, what it does and how it integrates with the current TMHE portfolio. It was quite fun to do the same presentation for six different groups. Each group had something else they focused on. Some of the groups really focused on the 3D visualization in the Digital Twin, others were more interested in T-One, or storage. All in all, it was nice to represent T-Hive at the event. A lot of people are eager to start using the T-Hive tools.