T-Hive: TICO Center of Expertise for autonomous vehicle software

Our objectives

In order to meet the increasing demands of its customers, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has bundled its software developments in autonomous vehicles (AVs), increased its global investments, and established a new center of expertise: T-Hive. By combining the software products, partnerships and innovations from TICO’s main brands – Toyota L&F, Toyota Material Handling, Toyota Material Handling Europe, Raymond, Bastian and Vanderlande – the organization has significantly strengthened and expanded TICO’s main brands solution portfolio.

In recent years, the demand for AVs has been increasing in line with the rapid growth of the e-commerce market, labour shortage in general and need for flexibility. Flexibility in operations, application areas and vehicle type have become increasingly important, as well as the potential to deploy AV solutions worldwide. With this in mind, T-Hive has been established centrally to host all developments, leverage existing solutions for new market segments and accelerate innovations globally to support TICO’s customer-facing companies.

Our culture

Our culture is simple and unique: a startup within a conglomerate. True agility, fast developments with extremely dedicated people, craftsmanship in every vain. But also built upon solid TICO foundations, with a huge network of international companies and market leader in many segments.

We live in a hybrid world – one that is more flexible, more innovative and more inclusive. A world that offers employees and teams autonomy in how and where they do their work, and a world that helps us create an inclusive future for all. We leave it up to the teams themselves to decide how they will work best in this new hybrid world.

Our technology

We are building a digital twin for autonomous vehicles (AVs) as well as a system to collect real data from our AVs. The power of digital twins comes from connecting real assets with real data, so you can visualize them. Our digital twin helps us prevent future problems and inform decision-making through sales insights, analysis, 3D visualization and simulation.

Our technology stack consists of Unity, React, java and .NET as well as the Azure cloud platform with, among other things, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Working at T-Hive

Working at T-Hive means working with experts around the globe! T-Hive has become a beehive of international experts working together on exciting challenges. Working at T-Hive also means working wherever you like: from one of the TICO offices around the world, or from your own home. Except for one week per quarter: in that week everyone joins together somewhere on the globe to plan, design, meet and have fun.

T-Hive has many opportunities for skilled engineers. Feel free to reach out via email or visit our vacancy page for some examples.